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L.Vouliagmenis 227, Dafni



200 100

  • Top-quality
  • 3,200 vibrations (brush-less)
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 24V/2400-2600mAh
  • 20 speeds
  • LCD screen
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 6 Heads
  • Transport briefcase
  • Low noise 39 db
  • 1 year guarantee replacement
  • Ready to ship
  • Free shipping


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Relief from anxiety, stress, and tiredness!

Perfect for relaxing your muscles after going to the gym!

Quicker recovery after muscular injuries!

Relief from muscle cramps and pain!

Relief from soreness!

Better health of soft muscle tissue!

Perfect massage for neck problems!

Increased possibilities of movement!

Better blood circulation!


Why you should choose us


1. We offer top quality!

2. We offer a full 1 year replacement guarantee!

3. We offer after-sale services and a wide range of replacement parts!

4. Free shipping!

5. Avoid the risk of anonymous productions!

6. The product is ready to ship!



How it works


The ECOMAT massage gun is a new and modern form of

massage that works by applying pulsing pressure to muscle tissue, in a very fast and repetitive way.

The pressure is applied tens of times a second, creating the sensation of a rejuvenating vibration.

This type of therapy increases blood circulation in the body, while at the same time reducing the accumulation of lactic acid, resulting in a restorative effect for the muscles and tissue.

The first charging process requires 6 hours and from then on recharging requires 2 hours. At continuous usage, the battery lasts about one and a half (1 1/2) hours at half intensity.

Intensity levels & and interchangeable attachments.

The massage gun offers 6 adapted attachments for massage, in order to pinpoint and treat all muscle groups.

Attach the attachments to the pistol head and choose the desired speed for a personalized massage experience.

It has 30 different speeds with up to 3,200 vibrations per minute.









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