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Dear customer,

ECOMAT hereby GUARANTEES the quality of its mattresses, as regards to their materials, as well as their construction, with up to a 10-year guarantee for its core products, and up to a 3-year guarantee for its fabrics. This guarantee covers any defective products due to manufacturing errors or possible material failure. For guarantee to be valid, it is essential that the correct usage instructions are strictly observed.

Firstly, an e-mail must be sent to us at: info@eco-mat.gr: 1. Photographic evidence that proves the defect in the product 2. The proof of purchase 3. A photograph of the base of the bed.

Once the necessary checks by our technical department have taken place and it is indeed established that correct usage instructions are strictly observed, our company undertakes the full repair or replacement, whichever it considers appropriate, in the following manner: As of the day of purchase and up to the 3rd year, customer involvement 0%. As of the 4th year and up to the 6th year, customer involvement 50%. As of the 7th year and up to the 10th year, customer involvement 75%. The customer must only undertake the delivery of the mattress (packaged well) to the location indicated in their city. ECOMAT is obligated to delivery the repaired mattress within 7 working days.


Correct usage instructions

You must place the mattress on a base or anatomic platform with a gap up to 4 cm.

• Do not bend your mattress during transportation; this causes irreparable damage.

• Turn your mattress over every 2 months. This ensures the necessary “relaxation” of the materials.

• Do not use your mattress like a “trampoline”; this may cause the springs to become distorted.

• Make sure that the mattress remains dry and air it often.

• It is necessary to use a protective cover on your mattress.


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